Friday, February 13, 2009

Lineage at the Red Door Gallery Feb. 6th-28th

Catching up.
Really so much energy went into joining the Red Door collective and installing a show and curating performers that I didn't have room for blogging or journaling. I wonder if that's my problem with over commitment or all of our unreasonable expectations that everything we do is interesting enough to share with the entire planet. I am suspicious of both.
Here's what I'm up to outside of class...(you already know about the inside) plus i will share from time to time thoughts, plans, insights, experiments, when they don't keep from actually doing said activities ....

I am really grateful to the Red Door folks for inviting me in and providing the space and faith to nurture the growth of individual artists they (now 'we') admire (for a small membership fee - worth every cent!). I feel like I have a forum for other work with community and projects that can be workshopped during and and well after 'art school' .

Actually as intimate as that space felt before I finished the installation, it really seemed like all those pieces couldn't fill it the way I'd imagined. Then I settled into the sparseness - added the weight to the floor and came to realize that each envelope was so visually and conceptually dense that it feels now like it works. And as people entered the space, they were able to pear though the 'wall' and see each other...I feel that worked. I was happy to gallery sit the day after opening, as that weekend is when people who couldn't make it to the reception usually come by and the vibe is very different.

It was important to get the work as far away from the wall as possible and cast the shadows on it instead (i've always been into the notion of traces, ghosts and artifacts, and shadows are part of that realm). Without initially intending to I settled on two sections that roughly represent my mother and my father...very roughly...gazing at each other.

To be honest, although some of this work is related to some of my other series, it's different in intent. It's quieter and more personal, I'm creating a story, from evidence, it's true, but much if it is evidence that I created as well or that I excavated and collected into a love letter Wunderkammer of sorts. Although many people represented at the front are still in this life, it is about communication from before or beyond.

I love what Seth Eisen said about this work seeming 'above and beyond words and language.' I totally feel that...even when I do quote or excise text to use.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More news than is fit to print...

It seems we can never hear enough about each other and even those we have never met.
And so it is with me.