Saturday, March 28, 2009

A chance to reflect on last week's show

I was more than impressed by everyone's showing last Saturday and thankful for the opportunity to slow down for a bit and soak it all in. Thanks especially to Robbyn for being so selfless and committed to our successful expressions. Here are some images. Contact me if you want higher quality copies of y0ur pieces.

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  1. hi kim -- beautiful photography. thanks for taking/posting these. i'm grateful to you for discovering the prism-vision in my curtain! who knew.

    i loved your pieces. the drawer seemed to have a perfect spot by the food table, creating an ambiance that let people feel curious about and held by the past while they also experienced the present. there was something about those unreadable scrolls that kept tugging at my investigative nerve and that was an interesting place to be. were that a real drawer in my own parent's house i most certainly would have been reading away, so being held on the edge of that was a captivating suspension.

    hope to cross paths again in the future! will definitely keep up with your blog.